How One Woman’s Fight for Mental Health Inspired a Running Revolution

It’s the finish line, not the finish time

Marathon Mum - Rachel Brown and Warren FitzGerald

In the late 80s, our Rachel was having a boss time as a podium dancer at the Pleasuredrome, Birkenhead. Fast forward several years and she’s married, with the kids she’s always dreamed of, but the body she’s always dreaded. To make things worse, her husband Trevor begins to show his true controlling colours and Rachel blames herself, spiralling into depression.

Until she discovered running.

Buzzing from her epiphany, the ‘Forrest Gump of the Mersey’ is derided by Trevor, but catches the attention of some local women, all struggling and vulnerable in their own ways. These disparate women persuade Rachel to lead them in a running club, to get a bit of whatever she’s on, where they all discover more than the mere chance to shed a few pounds in this burgeoning sisterhood.

Dealing with the dark and many faces of depression with a refreshing lightness of touch unique to this working-class woman from the Wirral, Marathon Mum is an uplifting story of the healing to be found in community, and the corners we can turn when we push ourselves across the line.

A book from Rachel Brown and Warren FitzGerald

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Marathon Mum is due for release on March 4th 2021, however you can pre-order the book in paperback or kindle format from Amazon, WH Smiths and Waterstones.

Mums to Marathon Ladies
Left to right: Lesley, Keels, Rachel, Lynne, Melissa, Clare and Helen

I’m so proud of you sis!!…I laughed and I cried and screamed out loud in parts. I learned a few things too. Things you’ve not told me over the years because you’ve not wanted me to worry. The trials you’ve had to endure have made you the person you are today Rach. Your an inspiration, hilarious and love you so much sis!! Well done gorg!! ❤️ And to the girls that shared their stories too in the book I think your all amazing!! So very touching to read. ❤️ As for you Lesley I nearly wet my bloody pants!! 🤣 ……Congratulations Rach!! and to you Warren!!….. Fantastic!! ❤️